"Our team is our strength"


The Tripod team met in 2010 when we taught in a specialist school for pupils on the autistic spectrum, working closely for seven years. During that time we realised that we could accomodate the ever growing need for specialist services and provision, and we formed Tripod Learning.


Each of us began our careers as teachers. Between us we have worked with a vast number of children with a variety of neurodevelopmental difficulties, in a number of settings. We have a range of skills and our interests compliment one another.


Our Team

Anne Sullivan BEd (Hons)



Anne is a primary trained teacher and former Deputy Head.



"I am passionate about helping young people to re-engage with the learning process."

Jan Dawson Cert Ed (Retired April 2021)



Jan spent 21 years in the CAMH service, working with families and young people. 



"I am an ardent advocate of pupil voice"

                                                                                                                                    We recognise negative behaviour communicates an unmet need


Tripod offers personalised support. This is achieved by getting to know the child, the adults supporting the pupil and the educational setting. We are then able to build a differentiated, individualised programme of learning.


We are always available to meet, talk, review and change how we work as each pupil is an individual to us.


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