“Tripod have been professional, supportive and caring in their approach and have always listened to what we have to say. As a result, we have a child now wanting to come into school who is less abusive towards adults. Since Tripod have been involved the little boy is now engaged in learning, able to have furniture in his room and able to communicate his needs …..We will most certainly be using your service again.”



"Before Tripod , my role as 1:1 was extremely challenging. Planning seemed pointless and trying to teach my 1:1 was almost impossible. The child's communication was low and his behaviour was explosive and challenging. Many outside agencies gave me advice and told me what I should be doing, but Tripod came in and showed me what to do.  

First Tripod created a new, calm and much safer environment for me and my 1:1. They spent real time getting to know and build a relationship with me and the child. They put a plan in place which supported the child's needs and taught me how to implement it.                        

With their support the child has become more settled and he's accessing the curriculum on a much greater level, the child's communication and overall behaviour has improved massively. I can now work 1:1 independently and follow the plan with confidence which is helping the child's well-being and education, thanks Tripod."

Miss L. Cooper           Braybrook Primary School


” My son is now able to express his feelings whereas before he would have had tantrums.”



"You took the time to really understand my son and his learning needs, Thank you."



"It was great meeting the Tripod Team.....Thank you so much for your encouraging words. My heart is firmly in helping these kids achieve their potential and it's heartening to hear from 'those in the know' that I'm going about things in the right way!"

Teaching Assistant


"Working with Tripod has been a huge benefit for the child in our school and also the staff involved. Our level of skill and expertise were minimal but with the guidance, advice and support offered by Tripod staff has been excellent. This has helped raise confidence levels of support staff in providing a better standard of learning and support for the child.

Our pupil has now made better progress with the input of Tripod than we anticipated at earlier stages across the year. Although small steps, they would not have been achievable without their advice and opportunity for staff to observe and then try different approaches and techniques.

Tripod don't just turn up and watch, they get involved with supporting the child and the staff. They are available to talk with and they listen to the concerns / difficulties that staff or the school are facing and then provide strategies and new approaches to help."

Headteacher  - Primary School


"His behaviour in school has changed. He is not doing what he was doing before. He is a lot better. He is now able to at least express his feelings whereas before he would have thrown tantrums."



"Very vulnerable pupil was well supported in his initial transition back to mainstream...Detailed information provided regarding barriers to learning to support next stage of transition..."

Head Teacher (Primary School)


"You all really made such a difference to not only C's life but to the whole family...Not only had C lost trust in schools but I had too and Tripod has restored that...Tripod totally understood C's needs and adapted to his needs."


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